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Teresa Jones

Teresa has been teaching children and teenagers in individualized, multi-sensory teaching programs for over ten years, and she has enjoyed being part of the Little House team since 2011.

Years later, as a parent navigating the school system with her two children, Teresa began to realize the importance of identifying and meeting the individual needs of each student and of tailoring the material to the child?s learning styles and differences.

Through her own children and her students, Teresa has had first-hand experience with how children can potentially slip through the cracks of the educational system, whether public or private. She has also seen children who are disillusioned and refusing to go to school at age 6, become happy, successful members of the classroom after one-to-one teaching intervention.

Teresa is a certified Orton Gillingham Multi-Sensory tutor. She completed her practicum requirement through the Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver. She has a degree in Communication Arts and is currently working on a second degree in Creative Writing, which, besides teaching, is her passion.

From teaching students as young as 3 or 4 to read, to teaching students with learning and temperament differences, to teaching high school students Liberal Arts, Calculus, and Sciences, Teresa enjoys the variety of students she has the opportunity to work with.

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