How It All Started

The inspiring story behind Little House Tutoring

How It All Started

The inspiring story behind Little House Tutoring

Teaching skills using the proven Orton Gillingham Method in conjunction with the Little House Multi-sensory Program

Helping hundreds of children reach their full potential since 2000

Family founded, owned and operated

Little House Tutoring began with a passion for helping students succeed in school. It all started some years ago, when the daughter of one of our founders entered high school and was struggling to reach her potential. While her teachers did the best they could, they simply lacked the resources and experience to truly reach a student whose learning style was different from the norm.

Feeling confident in her daughter’s capabilities yet frustrated by her lack of success in school, the mother explored other alternatives. A program of targeted, specialized tutoring proved to be the answer.

Reflecting upon this experience with her daughter, the mother recognized the need for support: Both for the students who need assistance with their learning, and for their parents who so desperately seek that assistance. As a result, she co-founded Little House Tutoring along with her two daughters and her niece.

Since opening its doors in 2000, the centre has emerged as one of Vancouver’s leading tutoring and educational resource centres, having helped hundreds of students realize their educational potential.

Years Helping Students Reach Their Full Potential

Little House Tutoring

Mackenzie St Centre

Little House on MacKenzie is conveniently located in a store front location right on the corner of Mackenzie street and 33rd avenue.

There is plenty of free street parking in front of the centre and on the surrounding residential streets.

The centre is also surrounded by coffee shops and a market for parents who would like to relax during their child’s tutoring sessions or get some grocery shopping done.

Balaclava park is also just a couple blocks away.

“How well you do in school does not determine how successful you are in life.”

— Jennifer McPherson, Co-founder

“We believe in each child and his/her dazzling capacity for achievement.”

— Tess Briand, Co-founder

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Multi-sensory Typing Program

“My favourite teachers determined how I learned and adjusted how they would teach me and engage me.”

— Carrie Paleologos, Co-founder

“Little House is where I learned to love to learn”

— Little House Student

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Little House Tutoring has helped students achieve their goals for over 15 years. Our tutoring programs are tailored for each child and for their individual needs and learning style.


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