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Meet our wonderful teachers

Little House Tutors

Meet Our Wonderful teachers


Dynamic and highly trained team of tutors


Educational assessments and customized tutoring


Ongoing communication and support with parents

Our therapeutic tutors at Little House have a passion for helping children succeed.

They are experts at identifying the individual needs of each student, so that they can reach their full potential.

Jennifer McPherson

Carrie Paleologos

Tennessee Briand

Breanne McPherson

Sarah Knowlden

Camilla Pollock

Dana Metcalfe

Teresa Jones

Trish McLean

Emily Murphy

Jenny Larson

Corrine Hof

Bianca de Vos

Sophia Peralta

Daniela Vargas Figueroa

Valerie Simon

“Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Questions You May Have

What happens if my child needs to reschedule a session?

If a student cancels or needs to start or end a term later or earlier, 1 ?makeup? session is available and must be completed within the term. Where possible, 24 hour notice is required to cancel a scheduled class. No makeup classes are offered for ?no shows?.

At Little House, we believe that, in order for a student to have an optimal learning experience, there must be a consistent, uninterrupted program of tutoring. Concurrently, we hope parents realize that Little House has an obligation to its tutors to provide uninterrupted and consistent schedules of tutoring so that they can work effectively with their students.

Thus, we have implemented these policies which outline the cancellation obligations for tutoring services at the centre. It is important to understand these terms and conditions outlined above.

What happens if my child's tutor cancels a session?

In rare cases a tutor may have to cancel a scheduled session, please be assured that your tutor will provide you with alternate times for a make-up class.

If you have trouble arranging a make-up with the tutor or have conflicts in scheduling, please contact Little House immediately.

Will my child be with the same tutor every time?

Ideally, students are scheduled with the same tutor for each session.

However, if the child requires help in different areas they may be assigned to different tutors accordingly.

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Little House Tutoring has helped students achieve their goals for over 15 years. Our tutoring programs are tailored for each child and for their individual needs and learning style.


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