Multi-sensory Typing Program

A fun and easy way to learn how to type

Multi-sensory Typing Program

A Fun And Easy Way To Learn How To Type


Program completed in six one-hour sessions


Uses 4 sensory pathways


Promotes muscle motor memory

Today, effortless keyboarding is an essential skill required in all aspects of life. For students with written output difficulties, it is especially important to acquire accurate typing skills as they will open new opportunities for written expression.

This method of multi-sensory keyboarding is a quick, easy and fun way to learn how to type, using the 4 sensory pathways at the same time to promote muscle motor memory.

“Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.”

Multi-sensory Typing Program

Program Goals

This program is taught in a highly structured and sequential manner in order for your child?s mind to retain the information. The keys are presented in alphabetic order which is taught in three sections in the form of a poem. The three stanze poem creates rhythm and rhyme which is the foundation of the program. Once the poem is memorized, your fingers will automatically know where to go.

This creates memory pathways between the senses and improves automatic recall. The Student watches the letters being typed on the screen; they say the letters out loud and use the motor memory to find the keys.

  • To train students how to type without looking at the keyboard.
  • To master typing skills
  • To build proficiency so they will be able to use them throughout their educational journey and the rest of their lives.
  • To use all the senses at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Questions You May Have

What will my child learn in the Multi-sensory Typing Program?
  • To type the 26 letters of the alphabet.
  • To use capitals.
  • To type all punctuation marks.
  • To type words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs.
  • To type numbers.
Will there be homework?

Yes, there will be 10-15 minutes of review each night for your child to complete at home.

How can I support my child at home?

Be Multi-Sensory! Encourage your child to name each letter out loud as they type.


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We’ve worked with Carrie and Sophia, in the preschool setting, the camps and one-on-one and both of them were wonderful instructors for our four year old daughter, we see improvements every week!

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