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Tennessee Briand

A passionate educator, Tennessee has worked with children for most of her adult life. In addition to her work with Little House, she has worked with Fraser Academy, Silbury School for Gifted Learners, as well as the Learning Disabilities Association in Surrey.

Tennessee believes that learning should be fun, and that Little House should be a place of warmth and comfort for all students. She wants every student to have a positive memory of his or her educational journey and each to feel special and important at Little House. She considers her day a success when she sees a child make a complete turnaround from being terrified of the challenges that another day could bring, to being excited about tomorrow and its possibilities.

One of Tenessee’s strengths is in communicating with kids who have learning challenges and behavioural struggles–often a two way street. The behavioural struggles are a symptom of the extreme frustration the child is feeling toward learning. Tess encourages early intervention, and has a true gift for working through these troubles with her students. She works closely with the parents to help them understand what their children are going through.

For seven years Tennessee has worked alongside the Learning Disabilities Association, as well as The Unique Minds Foundation, facilitating tutoring for children who have been identified as at risk or low income. These children have been provided with a consistent and supportive learning environment, which targets their individual needs in a positive and nurturing atmosphere. Her work there has been acknowledged with an award for outstanding achievement.

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