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Breanne McPherson

Breanne McPherson is the co-founder of Little House Tutoring and Head of the Little House MacKenzie Street location. Born and raised in Vancouver BC, she has been tutoring kids of all ages for nearly two decades!

Breanne believes that every child deserves hope that their learning challenges will not define their achievements in life. She is proud to spearhead a business that makes a measurable difference in so many children?s lives.

As both her mother and her sister have dyslexia, Breanne has always been in touch with the different ways that people learn. Although she witnessed her sister struggle in the conventional school system, she was thrilled to watch Carrie thrive after moving to Fraser Academy, which follows the Orton Gillingham approach.

In her own experiences with learning, there were always special teachers who made a positive impact on her, and some others who did not. She saw the difference a positive mentor could make in a kid?s life and was inspired to become a peer tutor. Breanne also tutored a young girl with dyslexia every Saturday and was able to eventually teach her how to read. This was a pivotal moment for Breanne and she knew this was what she would do with her life.

At eighteen years of age, Breanne and her cousin Tess became the youngest people to ever take the Orton Gillingham course and become certified instructors. Little House Tutoring was born, and they set up shop in their parent?s barn. Along with her partners, Breanne has created and developed the “Little House Multi-sensory Program,” a highly successful program for addressing learning disabilities. Before they knew it, Little House had exceeded maximum capacity in the barn, and it was time to move to another location, the current home of Little House in Dunbar.

Breanne dreams of growing Little House Tutoring to reach many more kids in need, and to help them to succeed.

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